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3 Steady Rounds: 10 Step-through lunges, 12 KB Swings, 14 Duck Walk Steps

Step-through lunge: lunge forward with the right leg and then backward with the right leg, leaving the left leg planted on the ground until completing the backward lunge. That’s 1. Focus on an aggressive hip extension with the KB – this is equal parts deadlift warm up as it is KB swing warm up.

Mobility Recommendation: Banded Pigeon Pose, 1:30/side


Tempo Deadlift: 4-4-4

The goal is to load up the heavy barbell, but to really emphasize the tempo of the pull, both on the way up, and on the way down. Control is key to building strength. Move slow and move with purpose. Shoot to take 3-5 seconds to stand the bar up and bring it back down on each rep. This will get tough.


For Time: 100 Air Squats, 100 Kettlebell Swings (53/35), 100 Air Squats

Time domain for this chipper is sub 14 minutes. Make sure you’re getting full range of motion on the air squats, and consider using a medicine ball to reinforce squat depth. For the kettlebell, start with a big set of swings, rather than small sets from the get-go. 100 unbroken swings is not impossible…

Pistol Practice!



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