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2 Steady Rounds: 20 Banded Good Mornings, 20 Goblet Hold Lunge Steps
w/ KB or DB, 20 Single Leg Hops

For these single leg hops, we are looking for a controlled jump and land on the same leg for 10 reps/side. The jump should only be 1-2’ in length, as the point is landing in a balanced position rather than explosiveness with little control.

Mobility Recommendation: 1:00 Superman/Banana

Coach calls it out and athletes roll over each time.


Find today’s 1RM Deadlift

Heavy, but safe. Have fun!


3 RFT: 10 Strict Pull Ups, 20 Goblet Squats (50/35), 50 Double Unders

The time domain for this workout is 9 – 14 minutes. The focus here needs to be on quality squats and *beautiful* strict pull ups. We will not let you get away with broken, overextended pull ups. You should be able to perform 8+ unbroken strict pull ups to perform this workout without assistance. We’d rather see you use a band in this workout vs. reducing the number of reps. You can start unassisted, but as things go downhill, you should be prepared to use a band.



Warm Up

With a Partner, Move Steadily Through: 200m Sandbag or Plate Carry (150/100), 50 Light DB Jerks, Row 1,000m (Switch every 250m)

Switch working partner anytime except for the row which should be pretty close to a sprint to get out of breath. In lieu of a sandbag, you can bear hug multiple plates, two KBs in the front rack position, or even push a loaded sled – we’re just looking for a slower weighted movement to get warm, so get creative. The DB jerks are done with two DBs, one in each hand.

Mobility Recommendation: Internal Shoulder Rotation Stretch, 1:30/side

Kettlebell snatch technique


AMRAP 20 Minutes: 20/15 Calorie Row, 10 DB Power Cleans (50/35), 20 Sit Ups, 10 DB Shoulder to Overhead (53/35)

KB snatches may be broken up however you prefer. Looking for 5-8 rounds.


Strict Toes to Bar: 5 x 5-10 Reps

If you are unable to perform the toes to bar strict, practice raising your legs straight out in front. We want to see momentum-less toes to bar, control is king here.