Bench Press
Complete 4 round of:
50 Double Unders
5 Clean and Jerks (#95/#135)
30 day Squat Challenge Begins
We have officially started our 30 day Squat challenge.  To sign-up contact Coach Scott at (206) 930-7169 or coachscott@stonewaycrossfit.com.  The back squat is a highly beneficial movement that we all need for daily activities.  If you sit down and stand up throughout your day then you are a candidate in need of a back squat.  The back squat if a full body exercise that requires balance, accuracy, strength, power and speed.  For many athletes this movement is a weakness simply do to lack of practice in this area.  For the majority of male athletes this is not a regularly practiced movement simply because there are no immediate body composition changes.  Rather they train their upper body for vain purposes.  To have a complete training program there needs to be upper and lower body training.  That is the main reason we decided to have this challenge.  Who’s willing to take the time to train their weakness?
30 day Squat Challenge Requirements
The only requirments is that you squat 3 day and then take 1 day off and continue this schedule for the entire month of February. 
Squat Options
1) 100 body weighted squat
2) 200 1/2 body weight squats
3) 300 air squats
4) do a combination of all 3
So join us and challenge your weakness.  Get your friends to do it with you and see how you improve simply by practicing throughout this month.
Good Luck,
Coach Scott
(206) 930-7169

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